Windows Software Equations Prime numbers

Calculator, Equations, Prime numbers

SuperPreciseMath is a mathematical software for Microsoft Windows which can calculate with numbers with high precision / accuracy. SuperPreciseMath is the successor of MatheHP.

* Scientific Calculator

   +Floating-point numbers with a high precision of 10000 decimal digits
   +Rational numbers / fraction numbers with a maximum of 10000 decimal digits for numerator and denominator
   +Complex numbers with high precision and accuracy
   +Unsigned integer numbers with a maximum of 20000 decimal digits
   +Number base 2, 8, 10 or 16 selectable for integer numbers

* Calculation of prime numbers, prime number generator, prime number tester

   +Fast calculation of large prime numbers with up to 1242 decimal digits
   +Calculate prime numbers within a given interval and count them
   +Calculate next prime number from a given start number
   +Number base 10 or 16 selectable

* Algebraic Equations

   +Solving of equations with up to 10th degree
   +Real and complex solutions
   +Complex coefficients possible

* Linear Equation Systems

   +Solving of linear equation systems with up to 25 variables
   +Equation systems which have not a unique solution are also solvable
   +Rational and complex coefficients possible

* Calculation of prime factors and divisors

   +Calculate prime factorizations of numbers with up to 39 decimal digits
   +Calculate divisors of a number

* Polynomial division, polynomial multiplication, polynomial exponentiation

   +Division of two polynomials with calculation of the division remainder
   +Multiplication of up to 20 polynomials
   +Raising a polynomial to the power of a natural number
   +Addition and subtraction of polynomials