Calculation with fraction numbers software

Calculator for fraction numbers / rational numbers

The calculation with rational numbers is possible using the setting "rat" in the calculator. The input of fractions is done by numerator, fraction line "/" and denominator. There are up to 10000 decimal digits possible for numerator and denominator, respectively.

Calculator for fraction numbers, fraction calculator

For the calculation with fraction numbers, the following arithmetic operations are available:

  1. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  2. Modulo function for the calculation of the division remainder
  3. Exponentiation
  4. Root calculation
  5. Cancelling down of fractions by entering a fraction number and pressing the equality key
  6. Conversion between fraction number, floating-point number and mixed notation of a fraction number
  7. Logarithm calculation
  8. Trigonometric functions sine, cosine and tangent and the corresponding inverse functions
  9. Hyperbolic functions
  10. Factorial calculation
  11. Binomial coefficient "n choose k" with a rational number "n" and a natural number "k"
  12. Greatest common divisor gcd
  13. Least common multiple lcm

If the result of a calculation cannot be represented as a fraction number because either the result is not rational or an overflow in numerator or denominator arises, the fraction calculator switches to the number type "real" and displays a floating-point number.