Windows Software Calculator

High precision calculator for very large numbers

The scientific calculator simulates a pocket calculator and it handles the calculation with very large numbers and with high precision. The following number types are available in the calculator:

The floating-point numbers have an adjustable precision from 5 to 10000 decimal digits and in the scientific notation such as "1.5e+6" extremely large exponents of up to 4.6 quintillions are possible.

Highly precise scientific calculator for large numbers

The scientific calculator makes the following arithmetic operations available in dependency of the number type set:

High-precision calculation of mathematical formulas and equations

The calculator can also be used for the calculation of mathematical formulas and equations if the number type is set to rational numbers, real numbers or complex numbers. Simply enter a formula into the text box of the calculator using the PC keyboard, like for example

15*(6.7+sqrt(7))^3 + 7*ln(2)

After pressing the equality key on the calculator you will get the result of the formula / equation with high precision and accuracy. You will find a description of the structure of formulas and of the admissible mathematical functions in the help file of the scientific calculator.